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I want more!

If you are here, it means that you have already followed my guide and you get your steady income. It also means that you are a person that cannot settle for less than what he deserves.

I know the feeling! I'm just like you!

So, how do you get more? The next step is to upgrade your membership if you haven't done already. Not only you will get more money, the second you upgrade to golden, but the limits of the the max refs you can have will be lifted to a new height. You have two options here. Either the free way, gather money from the basic program without cashing out so that you get the required amount, or if you want faster you can buy it yourself. Either way works, it's just a matter of time.

After that you will see your balance raise at a faster rate. Continue this way until you have as many refs as possible.

How to increase your direct refferals

The advantage of direct refs is that you don't have to rent them every once in while. They never expire (well, they do if they go MIA for over a month, but that's another story). Direct refs can help raise your balance when you need to upgrade or rent more refs or even cash out.

So how do you get them? There are multiple ways. You can start sending emails to your friends and family, you can post on blogs, you can even print leaflets. One great way is to make a website of your own. Not only you can keep the design that you like but you can also change every aspect any time you want.

However, making a new website has it's difficulties cause you need to bring people in. What the point in having your links gathered if noone visits ? It finally pays off though, so patience is once more your best weapon. Use it!

A great way to increase your traffic is the traffic exchange websites. Click on the below links, register yourself and you can start browsing other people's website and in return they will visit yours. It's as simple as that. All you need now is time! You know the secrets! Good luck and drink a beer on me!

Traffic exchange sites

A very nice site that has one if the stronger security out there. That means "real people" see your ads!
Visit the site EasyHits4u

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Best PTC Sites

Visit the PTC site Neobux
Visit the PTC site Cliquesteria
Visit the PTC site ScarletClicks
Visit the PTC site GrandBux
Visit the PTC site GPTplanet
Visit the PTC site ClixSense


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