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First Steps...

Obviously the first step is to register. You can do this by using the buttons on the left side.

You start with no money investment at all, therefore you must have patience. If you want to invest you can speed thing up a lot, however it's not really mandatory.

You start by clicking all adds. A standard member is given around 24 ads to click each day. For clicking each ad you get $0.001. In one day you make 24 X $0.001 = $0.024 only. You cant make more than $0.024 in a day. Follow these step for the next days earning $0.024 per day.

This is the most difficult part and you have to be patient. Don't be dissapointed though cause we all started this way and things change rapidly in the next steps.

Your goal is to reach the first $0.60 cause that's when the game starts.

With your first hard earned money you can rent workers to see adds for you. These workers are called referrals (refs for short). By paying the first $0.60 you rent 3 refs (that they are already using the site) to continue viewing ads for your benefit. Each ref, by viewing ads, deposits $0.02 in your pocket, so the first 3 will grant you $0.06 per day.

Congrats! The hard part is now over. Now it gets more interesting!

Continue with your earned referrals...

As soon as you get your next $0.60 rent 3 more refs. This is going to be you main goal now. Increase your refs.

If you followed this guide you will see that you gather money much faster with every new batch of refs that you rent. More and more people are working for you!

Now your target is to reach 300 refs. At that point you will get 300 * $0.02 = $6 per day! And that's from only one site!

Milestone reached...

At this point it's your choice how to proceed. You can start using this money for shopping or whatever you want or you can invest them back.

If you want more earnings then your next step is to upgrade your membership from standard user to Golden. This is an expensive upgrade (~ $90 /year) so it's really your choice if you want to take that path. If you decide to go for it, believe me, golden membership worths every cent! Your earnings are instantly doubled and the limit of 300 refs is raised to 2000!

You can easily understand that this way you can reach up to $80 per day!!!

And that's not the final stage. I can only tell you that the guy that introduced me to PTC has an Ultimate membership which is the highest and most expensive one (~ $980 / year) and has a little over 11000 refs!!! Just imagine his earnings. When he first introduced me he said three things to me: "Patience, patience, patience! It works out in the end"!

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